Julia Pascal

Her writing gets under your skin.

Her direction is energetic, surprising and provocative.

She finds the satire behind the serious.


Julia Pascal grew up in the north of England. She trained as an actor and was also a journalist before starting her career as a playwright and theatre director. Pascal was the first woman director at the National Theatre on the South Bank with her stage adaptation of Dorothy Parker’s Men Seldom Make Passes. It ran at the National Theatre for two years.

Pascal’s plays are about those living on the edge of society. They are about war, exile and struggle. New York, London, Vienna, Paris, Karlsruhe, Edinburgh, Dublin, Lille are some of the places where her dramas have been staged. Many are published by Methuen Bloomsbury, Faber and Samuel French (Inc).

Awards include Sphinx Theatre 30-30, Dyspla, the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, Arts Council of England, the BBC Alfred Bradley Prize, Cockayne Grants for the Arts, Moondance Columbine Prize, the Goethe Institute, the European Association for Jewish Culture and the Leverhulme Trust.

She is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women (US).

As a producer she has created several large-scale community projects funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund for Pascal Theatre Company (Registered Charity 291910).

PhD, University of York.
BA (Hons), London University.
Acting Training: E15 Acting School.

Representation: United Agents. Full CV is available on request