premieres at The New Diorama Theatre

October 11-30.

Sweden, Paris, Tel Aviv 1982.

After the success of her first play on Israel, Crossing Jerusalem, at The Tricycle Theatre, Pascal explores the cycle of Middle Eastern violence that spilled all over Europe.

The New Diorama Theatre

15-16 Triton Street

Regent’s Place

London NW1 3BF



020 7383 9034

or 020 7383 0920

Pascal has just received a 2011 Award from the European Association of Jewish Culture. This is to work on a new play about the Jewish return to England.  She is working with director Faynia Williams.

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Two New Plays

Two new plays.

BROKEN ENGLISH is based on a secret history set in 1947 when  Jewish activists planned  to assassinate the Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin as a protest against his White Paper and its Jewish quota.

WOMAN ON THE BRIDGE which is set today. It explores the story of a London woman who goes to the Brooklyn Bridge in order to jump off it.

PUBLIC READING JANUARY 20 2012 at 2.30pm. Central London venue.

Details/Bookings 020 7383 0920


Curated as part of The League of Professional Theatre Women’s 30th anniversary.

Pascal’s THE DYBBUK had its  US premiere at  the THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY in Manhattan in August 2010.

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