Dr Julia Pascal teaches Theatre at City University and at King’s College, London University. At King’s College she is also a Visiting Research Fellow and she is an Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre.

Julia Pascal has taught at New York University, St Lawrence University, Guelph University,
the University of York and at City University.

Julia also runs regular workshops with Pascal Theatre Company.


2015 Course evaluations from St Lawrence students.
Writing In London

it was the first time I was able to look into myself to write and think about things deeper than just writing research papers. Very valuable.
Allowed us to work at our own pace. Quality of thought more important than quantity of papers and deadlines.
Julia treated us like adults/colleagues. The structure of the course was well planned. It’s been one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.
This has been a great experience. from day one I felt that my writing improved because Julia pushes you. The freedom we had really helped my creative writing.
This course has allowed me to explore writing more freely and base it on  my interests. It has been an invaluable experience.
Presentations have always been a major component of courses at St Lawrence University. This is the first class I have had that focussed on speaking skills.
She pushes you out of your comfort zone. I’ve never experienced a classroom setting like this. She helped me get over my fear of contributing in class.
Comments from students of St Lawrence University’s Study Abroad Program 2014.
This class has opened my eyes to the world of writing.I have never felt so comfortable with a professor in my college career. You have helped me gain the confidence that I’ve needed for the past twenty years.
Not only has this class improved my writing but it has helped my learning through world/human knowledge. We talked about life as much as about writing. Our classroom became a place where we truly could share our darkest or most heartfelt secrets with each other. Judgment was never negative. Julia helped us think in different ways when reading out our work. She listened and read all of us individually and made us also work as a group.
This course has allowed me to question everything and become more in touch with my thoughts and views. This is a safe class environment where we debated and challenged everything. I felt so comfortable sharing my work as Julia created such a conducive learning environment. This was a class where we reached such brilliant levels of conversation and intellectual sophistication. It was so great! This is the best professor I have had at St Lawrence.
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I came eager to begin each day with a piece I had prepared or the reading we had. The assessments helped me a lot with assignments and improved my writing.
Expectations weren’t too high but expected a certain level of sophistication and intellect. Perfect.
Favourite class environment I’ve ever had. Never felt so comfortable and inspired to speak/share my ideas in my life. Smartest teacher I’ve ever had.
Comments from students of New York University 2015

Overall, your teaching changed my life! And, I can’t thank you enough for it.

Comments from students of New York University 2014

Caring. Open minded. Always willing to help.

This class was one of the best writing classes I have ever taken. Professor Pascal was extremely helpful throughout the writing process, from helping to formulate ideas to editing and revising our papers.

Ms. Pascal is one of my favorite professors and she has inspired me to love writing about my culture. I am very happy that I took her for a second semester!

Professor Pascal is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She not only teaches us about writing but about the world. She cares about her students and is the best teacher I have come across at NYU. Thank you for an amazing year.

Professors Pascal’s class is very unique to other writing classes. Rather than having a very structured syllabus, Professor Pascal is much more open in ideas for writing. She believes that inspiration for writing can come from anywhere, and because of this she allows students to use a variety of sources for their inspiration. If a well-structured class is what students are looking for this is not the writing class for them. However because of her laid back syllabus, it allows for a much more personal and enjoyable class.

The instructor Ms. Pascal was always informative. However, her most interesting characteristic was that she made us all share our opinion and that whenever there was a topic to discuss she came prepared with the right historical background and information to explain to us why we should study it.

Professor Pascal is absolutely amazing. She goes out of her way to teach students not only about writing, but about life and the world around us. She holds great interest in the well-being of each student and is always available for help. I have learned more in her class than I ever could have expected to learn in writing.

Pascal is a very unique and encouraging professor. She is always understanding and interested in the lives of her students.


In 2013 Dr. Julia Pascal taught a seminar and creative writing workshop on the topic of “Writing War” at Universität Bamberg.  Click here to read comments from Students about this workshop.



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