The Golem

A new play for children aged 5 -13
Why do giants, monsters and robots excite all children?

This ancient story, set in Prague, shows how mystery magics up a giant, The Golem, to save the village people against harm. The Golem becomes a local hero. But, with time, what happens when The Golem decides to take control?

Fusing puppetry, grotesque theatre with original music and a modern text, this new exploration of the Frankenstein story will thrill and intrigue young audiences.

The Golem, inspired by the Jewish legend of the man made out of dust was the germ of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein


Julia Pascal won a Millennium Award from the Jewish Music Institute and the Lottery to commission original music from Kyla Greenbaum for The Golem

Production History

The Golem is published in Crossing Jerusalem & Other Plays available to purchase from Bloomsbury

Schools Tour. 2000. Directed by Liselle Terrett. Further production at The Purcell Room. Directed by Julia Pascal.