40 minute play for one woman and one man

A cop’s fiancé has been blown up by a bomb. She interrogates the bomber.

This short play is inspired by Antigone and moments in the life of the London/Greek Cypriot actor Anna Savva, pictured in the central role.

ARIELLA We are not supposed to hurt you. The Convention.  ‘Human rights’.  The guys you murder  in the café. What about their human rights? Do you care?
(BEAT) Now Aris. Aris and I go back a long way. Team work. He’s not much of a talker. Not like me. That’s why I asked if I might meet you. They say you’re good looking, but with that hood, I can only guess.

You see we know a lot about you. You.  You watch our boys, Aris’ friends, they could be his sons- that’s the way he feels about them – you watch where they go for coffee and flirt with the blonde waitress. Our  boys. You, you  check what time they arrive and what time they go and you send someone in to leave something in the cafe.  What kind of man does such a thing to guys who never touched him? Aris, he gets mad when his boys are burned alive.
Is it only a week? The bomb in the café.  Eleven o’clock. Our boys run to help their mates. And bang!

Well well mister. Here I am.  Just you and me.
Oh you want to see me. Is that it? (PAUSE)
Say something? You do, don’t you. Want to know who is behind this voice. What kind of  woman-shape? Oh you like me, I can see that in your body. There’s a stiffening.  How about that! Excite you do I? You want to take your hood off do you? Want to see me? Want to smell  woman ? Breathing fast Why? The chase.  Heart beating. Brain throbbing. Your body light and ready to go.

SOUND      [A helicopter. She looks up.]

In Algeria. They used to throw men out of planes.
It didn’t help them.  That’s what you think isn’t it.  And you’re right.  The French got out.
Well we got out too. You got your own country.  [clapping]
That’s not enough.
No. You love the kill. You love the blood running down the street. You, you’re high  putting in the ball bearings and the nails so that when  your bomb  explodes you hit the kid delivering pizzas, the woman running to her fiancé.
You, you dream of this.  Me, I’m dreaming love.

Production History

Invited performance in Macedonia. Directed by Julia Pascal