I am currently researching a new play about Hannah Arendt, Charlotte Salomon and Eva Daube who were all arrested in France in 1940. The research is fascinating. This is a part of French history which is hardly known except to historians. Salomon and Arendt make fleeting references to their incarceration in this detention camp. I discovered that the majority of prisoners were female from babies to 90 year olds. Today nothing exists of the camp only placards which reveal some of the history. Vichy’s past is still partly hidden.

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Crossing Jerusalem

by Julia Pascal

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London N4 3JP

Previews: 4 Aug 2015
Press Night: 5 Aug 2015 (7pm)
Plays until: 29 Aug 2015

Tue – Sat Evenings 19.45
Thu & Sat Matinees 15.15

Jerusalem at the height of the last intifada. A wife wants to celebrate her 30th birthday. A husband does not want to have a son. A businesswoman wants to sell an apartment block.  A daughter wants to shock her mother. A brother wants to kill soldiers. A soldier wants to stop soldiering.  Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestians all meet on one day as bombs explode.


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