Sex and violence in Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Paris. Political murder in suburban London. Death, love and homicide in New York. War in the belly of a whale. These are the themes in Julia Pascal’s latest collection which takes place in Europe in 1982, in London in 1946 and in a whale at any time.

HONEYPOT: Ten years after the massacres at the Munich Olympics, Susanne joins Mossad as a secret agent. This beautiful Swedish woman is at the heart of a struggle between desire and destruction, between love and infidelity, between motherhood and freedom. Between Arab and Jew.
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BROKEN ENGLISH: An exploration of a secret history that happened in London just after the end of the war. Why was there a plot to assassinate Ernest Bevin, the Foreign Secretary by right-wing Jewish activists? When does loyalty to nation state conflict with loyalty to nation? Read an extract >

NINEVEH: What happens when four former soldiers are trapped in a whale? How can they live with the atrocities they have committed and escape from this hell which imprisons them? Based on research in Kashmir, Israel, Rwanda and Lebanon, this Beckettian play fuses absurd humour, the horror of war and the possibility of redemption in a ninety-minute drama. Read an extract >

genuinely creative work  boasting  a final sequence that is as spine-tingling as anything you’ll see in the theatre – The Independent.

it has a raw and unforced reality that is grief-stricken as well as proud. The  SundayTimes.

…. A viscerally potent drama of love, grief and death ending in an unforgettable danse macabre. Time Out

WOMAN ON THE BRIDGE: Judith, a London journalist, goes to the Brooklyn Bridge. Does she want to jump off? On her disturbing journey she spends a night with a very young man, she meets Anna, her hundred-and-ten-year- old great aunt and Gloria, a homicide cop. Her encounters with these New Yorkers forces her to change her life. Read an extract >

POLITICAL PLAYS by Julia Pascal will be available in paperback from Oberon Books from December 2013