The Shylock Play by Julia Pascal

Published singly in 2009.


What happens when someone who escaped the Warsaw Ghetto goes to the Venice Ghetto today and meets a group of performers about to play The Merchant of Venice? Has the text set the seeds for the antisemitism of modern times? A radical exploration of The Merchant of Venice opens up areas of Shakespeare’s text which have never previously been staged. A radical version of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor.

Premiered at the Arcola Theatre September 2007.


The British Theatre Guide.
Review by Rivka Jacobson September 2007
Mention The Merchant of Venice and Shylock springs to mind. Refer to Shylock and unflattering images of a Jew are conjured up despite numerous attempts to portray him in a more sympathetic light.

Julia Pascal’s treatment of Shylock and co. introduces an interesting and stimulating insight in this production. The dramatic ploy used is a play within a play, an effective device if the audience eventually manages to appreciate the thematic links.

AC Grayling
Online September 2007.
The energy and the commitment of the young troupe, and the seriously good acting of the more experienced members make this a powerful, affecting and oddly uplifting evening. Recommended.

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