London playwright, theatre director whose work has been seen in the UK, the USA and mainland Europe.


I am currently researching a new play about Hannah Arendt, Charlotte Salomon and Eva Daube who were all arrested in France in 1940. The research is fascinating. This is a part of French history which is hardly known except to historians. Salomon and Arendt make fleeting references to their incarceration in this detention camp. I discovered that the majority of prisoners were female from babies to 90 year olds. Today nothing exists of the camp only placards which reveal some of the history. Vichy’s past is still partly hidden.

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Nineveh, a new play by Julia Pascal and directed by Ailin Conant opens at Riverside Studios, April 16-May 11 2013
Presented by Theatre Témoin.
Once there was a boy. The war had taken his hands and arms. When he went home, his family didn’t recognise him. “You have no arms”, they said, “you are not our son”. They threw him into the river, where a giant fish swallowed him…

Three former soldiers are trapped in a whale. When a boy from another war zone arrives, they are forced to deal with their own pasts.

Inspired by true stories told by child soldiers and ex-combatants from across the world; collected by  Ailin Conant during a year of creative work in Kashmir, Israel, Lebanon, and Rwanda.


60 minutes with no interval.

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The Secret Listeners

Produced by Julia Pascal

for Pascal Theatre Company

Directed by Thomas Kampe

Sound Design by Nick Ryan

The Heritage Lottery Fund

July 22

noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm.

A site-specific event at Trent Park.

Who was listening in to the German Generals at this luxurious prisoner of war camp in North London?

Information from thesecretlisteners@gmail.com

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The Wedding Party


August 15 at 9pm.


New one- woman play premieres at The Ohrid Festival, Macedonia in August 2012.

What happens when you are in front of the man who has killed the love of your life?

performed by
Anna Savva
Designed by Claire Lyth

Directed by Julia Pascal

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premieres at The New Diorama Theatre

October 11-30.

Sweden, Paris, Tel Aviv 1982.

After the success of her first play on Israel, Crossing Jerusalem, at The Tricycle Theatre, Pascal explores the cycle of Middle Eastern violence that spilled all over Europe.

The New Diorama Theatre

15-16 Triton Street

Regent’s Place

London NW1 3BF



020 7383 9034

or 020 7383 0920

Pascal has just received a 2011 Award from the European Association of Jewish Culture. This is to work on a new play about the Jewish return to England.  She is working with director Faynia Williams.

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